Scientists Worldwide are finding compelling evidence that the EMF Pollution we are surrounded with 24 hours a day is real
and damaging to us, our children,
animals, insects and plants.

Biosferics is developing technologies that block this damaging radiation and that create beneficial energy fields that enhance health, peak performance and well-being.









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Scientists, citizens and government leaders in Europe have grave concerns and are taking measures to monitor and reduce EMF Radiation. Researchers and informed people in the United States are trying to educate the public, but are thwarted by communications companies and corporations who insist on creating more and more powerful and expansive transmissions.

We don't want to just raise an alarm, we want to provide realistic and sensible things you can do in your home and office to reduce your exposure and risk.

This practical and easy to understand report outlines what EMF Pollution is, ways to protect yourself and your family and where to find out more information.

Dr Florian KoenigDr. Florian Koenig

Florian M. König, D.Sc. in Physics Engineering – CTO Research, Development and "free Consulting" has physics in his genes. He is the son of a renowned physicist who collaborated directly with Prof. Dr. Schumann in Germany. Prof. Dr. Schumann in was a pupil and disciple of the famous visionary innovator and documenter of the power of the Earth’s electro-magnetic fields - Nicola Tesla and is credited with discovering the Schumann Wave/Resonance.

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